Why Dreams Happen When You Write them Down

I remember when I was 16 I bought a notebook and filled them with cut-outs from magazines and images printed from the internet of things that I want to achieve in my life.  I remember I wanted a house, a car, a designer handbag, to travel the world and so on. I think I had about 15 dreams on that notebook. 

All those things I pasted on every page of the notebook didn’t happen overnight. In fact they took years. But they DID happen. Every single one of my dreams turned to reality. 

But back then, I never knew about the power of writing  down your dreams and goals on paper. I just did it because I wanted something tangible  that I could cross off when they happen. I love crossing off lists. 

But it was only recently when I read several books that explore the powerful connection of writing down your dreams and making them happen.

The Connection between Writing your Dreams Down and Making Them Happen 

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In her book ‘Write it Down, Make it Happen’,  Henriette Anne Klauser said that  by writing down  our dreams and aspirations, we are sending out energy waves, transmissions, vibrations, that attract people and solutions to us. Others have called it “divine intervention”. 

Klauser also believes that when we put whatever is in our heart on a piece of paper,  we are alerting part of our brain known as the reticular activating system to join us in the play. The RAS is like a filtering system of the brain. Writing it down sets up the filter and things start to appear. 

Napolean Hill, author of the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ also believed in this principle. He recommends one reads one’s written dreams and goals aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night and once after arising in the morning. 

When we write down a dream, an aspiration, or a goal and when we read it out loud daily, our brain will be working overtime to see that we get it. It’s  also a  way of sending a signal to the universe and to God that we are ready. 

Tips & Recommendations 

  1. Have one notebook solely dedicated to your dreams and aspirations. If you have visual elements like a cutout from a magazine or a printout from the internet, paste it along with your writings. 
  2. Have another book just for jotting down ideas and concepts as they come to your mind. Take this book wherever you go so when there’s a lightbulb moment, you can immediately write it down so you won’t forget it. 
  3. Be messy, be creative and give this book a touch of your personality. 
  4. Write from your heart. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to dream and aspire for big things!

Here’s to chasing dreams and making sure they happen. REMEMBER: write it down, read it aloud and BELIEVE IT IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING. 

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