Copic Markers as an investment for artists

Copic Markers. You probably have heard about them. Or maybe not.

If you haven’t any idea what copic markers are, I strongly suggest you continue reading because most illustrators are using them, just because these things are lit!


They are game-changers (and that’s talkin’ based on experience)!

In this post, I will talk about the following sub-topics:

  • What are Copic Markers?
  • Why artists and crafters love Copic markers?
  • Where is the best place to get the best-priced Copic markers?
  • Why you need to get them?
  • How to start your collection
  • Learn to use copic markers
Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

What are Copic Markers?

Copic markers are permanent alcohol-based refillable markers made in Japan but widely distributed in most countries. It is non-toxic and it dries acid-free!

These markers are currently available in 358 colors. There is the Ciao (cheaper version and has less ink), Sketch ( commonly used by artists and crafters), and Wide (for colouring larger areas with consistent stroke).

Make no mistake, these markers are not your ordinary newsagent markers ~ they are designed for use by professionals — graphic artists, papercrafters, illustrators, doodlers and hobbyists who are into journaling, hand-lettering, and more.

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Because of the quality of these markers, the price tag doesn’t come cheap. Don’t fret yet, because later in this post I will tell you where I got mine for only $4.20 AUD ($3.20 USD) per marker.

That’s ridiculously cheap compared to the usual $7-9 price tag you see in most stores that carry them.

Why artists and crafters love Copic markers?

I first learned about them two years ago from Pinterest and YouTube. Most of the artists I follow are using these markers. It is somehow an industry standard.

I was so amazed by the quality of their work. These people swore by these markers.

Fast forward to when I started using them myself — all I could say when I first used it: total game-changer!

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

As a copic colorist, I just love them because of how wonderful they blend together, incredibly smooth. The colors are also very vibrant and beautiful. In short, it allows me to produce professional looking artwork within hours.

Where is the best place to get the best-priced Copic markers?

Copic markers are widely available in art stores, office supply stores and online market places like Amazon.
After learning about Copic markers, I did my own little research online but was astonished to learn that them markers don’t come cheap. In Australia, they are priced at $10 per marker. That’s very expensive!

Since they are made in Japan, I thought it would be ideally cheap if you get it from the manufactuing country, less import fees plus you get a GST return if you’re a tourist.

I held off my purchase until our Japan trip last September 2017 just so I could get the best bang for my buck. I got 80+ markers in one purchase.

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

I bought my Copic Sketch from Itoya and Loft in Tokyo for 380 yen minus 8% GST for tourists. If you convert the currency in Australian dollars, it’s only approximately $4.20 ($3.20USD).

I know most of you don’t find it possible to travel to Japan just to get these copic markers.

But if you are serious about growing your collection and growing it fast, wait it out until your next Japan trip. Or if you know someone who’s going there soon, you can ask them to get it for you instead.

Alternatively, you can use a forwarding service in Japan. There are good reviews online for TensoJapan, although I have yet to use it. You’ll have to pay forwarding and shipping fees, but it would still come out significantly cheaper than buying from your country.

Why you need to get them?

If you  want to up your game, you need make the investment.

They are not easy on the pocket but coming from someone who has been using them for a while, they’re totally worth it.

They last for years and years too.

How to start your collection:

Like all other suggestions you read about copic markers online, I will say the same and suggest to go for the set if you want to try them first before investing big. You can get a 12 set, 36 set and the 72 set. Choosing the set you will buy to start your collection will also depend on what you like to color the most e.g. people, flowers, animals, etc. Think it through and do your own little research.

However, if you are like me and are willing to wait ’til your next Japan holiday, it’s better to save now and go savage once you get there.

I ended up buying the single markers because I have specific colors on my list. Since I got mine for very cheap, price wasn’t really a problem.

Learn to use Copic Markers :

YouTube has umpteenths of tutorials about learning to use copic markers. I will expound more of the tutorials I used on my future post. Some tutorials have very neat tips that make copic colouring so easy.

I have also used this Copic Colouring Guide books. They are very helpful when I first started to learn. I bought the Copic Coloring Guide Level 3: People and Copic Markers CB-FLOWR Coloring Foundations – Coloring Flowers by Marianne Walker from Amazon because these are what I draw and color most of the time.

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

Why you need to invest in copic markers

If you are serious about stepping it up, you’ve got to invest in these markers! Start with the sets if you are on budget and choose the colors based on what you mostly draw and color. Youtube, definitely, has plenty of tutorials and videos about copic markers.

Happy colouring!

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