4 Good Reasons you should pursue a Creative Hobby

Why do you need a creative hobby?

Most of us can relate to the fact that we lead very hectic lives. Our day jobs, running a household, kids, studies, and social life that we neglect to fit a very important thing as part of our lifestyle.

A hobby. A creative hobby.

It’s already overwhelming juggling those tasks, I know, let alone add another to that list.

But did you know that creative hobbies, based on research, are a significant element in increasing your well-being which will make you a happier person?

Not convinced yet?

Another recent study by professor Dr Tamlin Conner and her colleagues from New Zealand’s University of Otago also found the positive effects as a result of engaging in everyday creative hobbies, which includes feelings of happiness, excitement and enthusiasm.

As a creative hobby hoarder, I can tell you that the studies above are what they claim to be, because when I compare myself prior to engaging in my creative hobbies, I can tell you I am a whole lot more fulfilled as a person now , a lot happier in so many ways, and my creative hobbies have given me a reason to be enthusiastic for everyday.

So if you have not yet started a creative hobby, let me share with you the

4 Important reasons why you should pursue it :

1. Very good stress relief. Having a creative hobby immediately gets your mind off things that causes you stress.

When you get totally immersed in a creative endeavour, your mind can only focus on that activity. It pushes aside other things because your mind is concentrating on paying attention to the details.

For example, when I paint my mind will not be thinking about paperwork and work deadlines because it immediately focuses on the darkness, brightness, depth, shadows and colours of my painting.

There’s just no room for it to include other things. It’s like you are in a meditative-like state which is an excellent distraction.

2. It builds up your confidence because you are achieving new abilities that were previously unachievable skills.

When you learn something new, you tend to share those newly acquired skills either to friends, families or even on social media. I know I do. Why? Because you’re proud of your new achievement. When you are proud of something, it’s a given confidence booster.

3. It is a great side hustle. Imagine making extra money from your hobby. If it’s a creative craft hobby, you could easily make money from craft markets, Etsy or Amazon, and it may be that your friends or family are interested to buy from you as well. Truthfully, I sold a few of my artwork this way.

4. It makes you get a break from  social media. Millennials are defined by the digital world. We live life online. A good break from it is always refreshing.

Now, before you say you are not artistic nor creative, let me cut you off and say neither was I. I sucked at drawing, sculpting, painting and anything related to arts when I was a child. Your hobby doesn’t need to be something you’re really good at. You just need the passion.

How to make time for your hobby with a busy lifestyle:

Why You Need A Creative Hobby

Why You Need A Creative Hobby

One of the greatest obstacles with pursuing a creative hobby is finding time for them.

How many of us are guilty of spending hours and hours browsing Facebook, liking posts on Instagram, and pinning things on Pinterest?

If you do 4 hours a day doing those hings online, try cutting it down to two and use the other two hours for hobby time.

If you have time to waste online, I am sure you can make time to do something productive and use that time for your creative hobby.

Try scheduling a time each week just for your hobby. I always write it down on my planner and ensure that I make that day vacant. Keeping a planner ensures an organised schedule which maximizes your time. See the benefits of having a paper planner.

I really do make it a big priority in my life because it’s such a healthy fuel to my well-being.

Hobby time is hobby time.

An effective stress reliever, a confidence builder, a great side hustle and a good break from technology.

What kind of activities excites you?

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