The Best Decision You Can Do To Live The Life You Love

“I’m sick and tired of not being who I am “. How many of us have said this line? And what about, “Can’t wait til Friday, uhhh I hate my job!” ?”

Yes? But here we are, still not pushing the needle forward, still complaining, still stuck in the same rut of waking up and dreading the day…and the next day, and the next week, and before we know it, our whole life. 

The story I’m about to share may just change your mindset about pushing forward for your dreams.

The Best Decision You Can Do  To Live The Life You Love

Elizabeth Gilbert’s game changing story

I was listening to a Calm Masterclass from Elizabeth Gilbert  (author of NYT Best Selling Book Eat, Pray & Love)  the other day. One time in her 20s she’s had a neighbor whose life she greatly admired, one that she wished for herself.

This neighbor wasn’t rich nor famous, but she’s got everything going for her ~ she was happy, she got cool clothes, she travelled the world, she’s respected and she carried herself with dignity.  And she was making a great living, one that’s she’s truly passionate about – creating beautiful art. 

Elizabeth Gilbert used to ask her for life advices. She still wasn’t a writer then, just doing odd jobs to pay for her bills. 

The neighbor knew Elizabeth always wanted to be a writer because she’s talked nothing but being a writer. It was her greatest dream. 

“How did your writing go?”, the neighbor asked her at a party they both attended one night.

“I don’t have time”, Elizabeth told her, and she brought forth her litany of complaints, how she’s juggling 3 odd jobs, living with a bunch of noisy roommates and other bunch of reasons why she wasn’t doing her work. 

Well, what are you doing with your free time?”, the neighbor asked again. 

“I just told you, I don’t have any”.

Then the neighbor asked Elizabeth what her favorite tv shows were ,her favorite magazines, restaurants and her plans for the summer.

Elizabeth seemed to have so much answers to those questions. 

The neighbor lifted her eyebrow when she heard Elizabeth say how she and her friends were planning to go to the beach that summer. 

“Incredible how you have so much free time to do all that”, the neighbor quipped in disbelief. 

By this time, Elizabeth was no longer enjoying the conversation. 

The best advice that changed Elizabeth Gilbert’s approach to her dreams

“Listen kid, you’re not going to the beach. Yes you will feel jealous when you see their photos and them having a great time.”

“But you’re going to stay home in New York City on a hot August, alone, and you are going to finish your book or else I don’t wanna hear it from you anymore how this is your passion and this is your dream”. 

Decide to live the life you’ve always loved

I love this story. I love how this conversation was a wake-up call for Elizabeth Gilbert to take action. No, she didn’t go with her friends. She stayed home and worked on her book.  She decided for her dreams. 

That decision was a sacrifice, especially for young people who want nothing but fun with friends, and look how it changed her whole life. She is now living her dream, she’s a successful writer, a New York Times best-selling author and a well-respected person in her industry.  This happened because she followed her passion and made some sacrifices to achieve her dream. 

What about you? What are you willing to give up to have the life you want and love? 

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