Supporting an Artist

“Oh, can you do it for free?”

“That’s so expensive!”

“Can you give me a discount?”

What it mean to support an artist

 If you’re an artist, sadly you hear these lines quite often. Fortunately enough, I have yet to receive these kind of messages. If you are someone who appreciates art, I hope you haven’t asked any artist for some freebie nor gave unethical comments about their pricing. But if you’ve done it before, no judgment here. I’m glad you came across this article so I can explain why it’s offensive for us artists when we get messages like these. 

  1. As with everything handmade, it takes many hours or even days to finish one art piece. 
  2. We invest on expensive materials so we could offer high quality fine art, (not to mention the hundreds of hours  and the art materials  we’ve wasted to perfect our craft).
  3. It’s our means of living. Just like you, we also have bills to pay. 
  4. We put our heart and soul into each masterpiece and for you to ask if we can give it to you for free is synonymous to you not valuing nor respecting our craft. 

Let’s put it this way so you can better understand our sentiments. 

If I were to ask you to come to work for the whole week without getting paid, would you do it?

And what if your boss approaches you one day and said how you’ve done a great job at work but followed up the praise with a news that your salary had been cut back because the company can no longer afford it?

Do you get us now? 

When you support an artist: 

  • You are supporting our dreams to do what we are  truly passionate about
  • You  are contributing to bring more beauty into this world. 
  • You are supporting a cause greater than the artist. Artists usually use their art to convey a message to the world. 

How to show your support:

  1. Buy our work 
  2. If you can’t afford  financially, show your support by sharing.  It helps us widen our reach. 
  3. Leave nice comments. Genuine compliments mean so much to us!

Because of your support, I was able to:

  1. Quit my job and do what I am truly passionate about. 
  2. Find fulfilment in my life and in my career. 
  3. Find myself and find my voice for a great cause I strongly believe in. 
  4. Share my blessings to others. 

I am not really one to share acts of goodwill but I want you to know how your support to a simple artist like me truly matters and how it has stretched to hundreds more people. 

Last month, I asked my great friend in the Philippines to facilitate a feeding program on behalf of me. We were able to feed 200 children from a poor village in the Philippines.

I felt so inspired that I have decided to donate a portion of my sales to a cause that I support.

And I have you thank for making this happen. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

Thank you for supporting an artist.  Thank you for making this world a better place!

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