My Shabby Chic Feminine Office Artist Studio

Welcome to my home office / artist studio. This space is a labour of love and truly the heart of every piece of art you will see me create. I created this space to encourage creativity to naturally flow within me.

This is where things happen… It’s where I write, where I do my research, where I paint, illustrate, do hand lettering, etc…

I feel so blessed to have this personal space where I can have the privacy to work and play.

Artwork on Wall:

Every art you see on the wall are my own work. You can also buy them as prints from my online shop.

Why the Pink Shabby Chic theme ?

It’s common knowledge that pink is my ultimate favourite color. My home aesthetics is a blend of Shabby Chic & French Provincial because that has always been my signature style – a little elegant but comfortable, homely & cozy, with a little bit of fun.

The Pink & Red w/ Gold Accent:

You can see a lot of these hues in my office studio because they are my signature ‘Kriz Eliz’ artist colors. Most of my illustrations are done in pink, red and some gold colors because they feel so vibrant and alive.

The Pink Armchair

This is where I do my digital artwork and where I sometimes read my books.

I’m an avid book reader and I used to have a massive book collection back when I still lived with my parents, but my childhood bedroom was so tiny and it took too much space. So I transitioned to eBooks and I donated most of what I had to our local library. Now, I’m in the process of growing my collection again and building a mini home library of my very own.

This Alpha Queen Print is also available at my shop.

I created a short video below where I tour you around what’s inside my Shabby Chic Feminine Home Office Artist Studio.

Closing thoughts:

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own space where you can be free to express your creativity.

It really doesn’t matter what your space looks like, whether you have your own room or a corner area in your house. As long as you have that little “space” you can call your own, decorated with things that you love and things that inspire you, so you can unleash the creative genius within you.

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