The 4 Things I’ve Done to be Super Duper Productive

I’ve always complained how I didn’t have enough time to do the things I love. Is this you too? If you’re reading this, chances are you want to know how to be really productive with your time.

As a multi passionate person, dabbling on several hobbies and becoming expert on more than one skill is my thing. 

It might be something like starting a new business for you or trying to find the time to finish that book you’ve always wanted to read, or perhaps you want to enroll in a course that you know could improve your skills – but time is your worse enemy.  I totally get you. 

Now let me share with you how I finally crack the code to becoming super productive with my time:

1.Choose a planner that works for you 

I’ve tried store bought planners and I must have tried several different ones but nothing works like the planner I created for myself. 

A planner should allow me to record my bills, track my expenses, enough writing space to plan my daily to dos, plan my meals and daily fitness activities, track my short term and long term goals, celebrate my wins while also inspiring me to be the best version of myself.

I want a planner that makes my life organised, productive, creative and fun. And I couldn’t find one planner that covers everything I need, so I created one for myself. 

Now you might have other needs and must haves in a planner so choosing a planner well is really important. A store bought one doesn’t really cover most of what you need (This is something I am currently working on: a very personalised planner ).

While on the subject of planners, I have also created a free planner for female entrepreneurs that you can download and print at home. If you are a female entrepreneur running your own online business, this is something that you might like. Click the image below

2.Schedule your priority tasks one week ahead

I blocked a time on a Sunday to plan my whole week ahead. This way I know what needs to be done and what days I will have free for other things.

My family knows they need to book an appointment with me if they want to go out or if they need my time to assist them with whatever. Sounds harsh but it’s the only way to keep my momentum and this works for me and for them as well. 

As a solo entrepreneur, I do everything myself and if I ain’t smart about my time, I’ll never be productive. 

Here’s how I plan my time:

I break down one task into several jobs. So for example, I need to write a content for this website, like this post. First, I will assign a few hours to actually write the piece, then another few hours the following day to proofread and edit.

I will assign another another time to upload the post to my website, and then another hour on a different day to create the graphics that goes a long with it, and so on.

This way I am more productive of my time. It’s less overwhelming and it makes me super prolific with whatever time I have. 

3.Achieve more by doing less

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey,  every single day was packed full of to dos on my list. Did I become extra productive by doing so much in one day? 

Not at all. It made me anxious to begin my day knowing how much I have to do and how little time I have for rest. And guess what happens? I totally burned out to the point where I achieve nothing significant at all. 

As I read books and listened to podcasts about productivity, planning and goal setting, I learned that doing less actually makes me more productive.

Knowing my priorities and only doing 3 major tasks daily actually makes me super productive. I feel more fulfilled when I finish those three tasks and still have time to do other things. The key is not to get overwhelmed with my daily schedule, and it’s totally work perfectly for me. 

4. Do a self-check

When I spend time on something, I always check if that particular activity is helping me to become more productive. If it doesn’t, I don’t do it.

So we all are living in a time where social media is a big factor in our daily lives. We spend so much time on Facebook or Instagram mindlessly scrolling for  hours and before we know it, we’ve wasted half of our day. Do a self-check! What if you could swap one hour of social media time to gym time or perhaps reading a book on personal development?

When you feel like you don’t have the time, you have to realised that all of us have the same hours in day. It’s about priorities – choosing what’s important. And if something is really that important, you will always make time for it.  

Closing thoughts: 

Remember, it’s not being busy but being productive with your time. And if you want to be productive, you need to master your time and to know what will work for you. I hope this is helpful. If you enjoy this post, please feel free to share it. 

4 things i've done to be super duper productive

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