How to Unlock the Most Genuine You So You Can Finally Live Your Best Life

Who am I? What’s my purpose? Do I even know what I want and who I’m meant to be? 

You and I, we both have our unique identities and we are created to live a life of purpose and one that we truly love. May I just throw in that we all deserve a life of abundance too? 

But not all of us are searching for answers. We keep ourselves busy with other things that don’t even inspire us. We just let life pass us by. 

But You are worth more than that. You can’t find value nor meaning nor live in your purpose if you don’t know your Most Genuine You

It is your job to unlock it  in order to achieve your best life and to make sure you are always in alignment with your  Most Genuine Self. Because when you step out of your Most Genuine You, that’s when you start to create a toxic environment for yourself and the people around you. 

How to Unlock the Most Genuine You So You Can Finally Live Your Best Life

What is the Most Genuine You?

The Most Genuine You is your unique, individual response – in other words it’s how you uniquely think, feel and choose. It’s your values, it’s the choices you make, what makes you happy and whole, what makes you feel your best and be your best. 

Your Most Genuine You is your ability to understand your truest self, your feelings, thoughts and intuitions. It’s knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your behaviour, your range of emotions, your way of expression and your limitations. 

Your Most Genuine You is your truest, most real and unique identity.  When you start to operate out of Your Most Genuine Self that’s when depression, trauma, stress, fear, and anxiety roll in to your life. 

How to know when you’re stepping out of Your Most Genuine You

When you’re out of alignment with your Most Genuine Self, you will start to feel a level of discomfort. It’s your warning that you have stepped out of your Most Genuine You.

When you start feelings of unrest and when your inner peace is disturbed, you can already tell you are operating out of Your Most Genuine Self.

Another way to tell is when you feel stressed out and no longer enjoying what you’re doing. Perhaps you made a decision that is against your core values and beliefs. Or maybe your talents abd gifts are suppressed.  It could be that you are trapped in a job you dislike so much or stuck in an unhealthy relationship. 

But the most surefire way to tell that you are way out of your boundaries is when you show signs of a toxic attitude and start to form bad habits. 

How to ensure you operate in the Most Genuine YOU:

A deeper understanding of your true unique self is important. 

Take a moment to think what it is you really want. Not what others think you want or what the the society thinks you should want. What do you really and truly want for yourself? 

Now think about your happiness meter.  Are you happy? If not, it’s time to be introspective. What’s causing you to be unhappy? 

When you are mindfully aware of yourself – your thoughts, feelings and choices – you will know if you are operating in alignment with Your Most Genuine You.  Intelligent mindfulness keeps you from creating a negative environment where you can’t thrive and be the best version of yourself. 

Unlock Your Most Genuine You so You Can Finally Live Your Best Life

We are all uniquely designed, wired and created by God but it’s up to us to know and understand our unique identity in order to unlock our Most Genuine Us. Unlocking your  Most Genuine You is  important to understand yourself and live the best life God intended you to have. 

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