Live Your Best Life by Knowing Who You Are

Does it really matter to know oneself in order to live  one’s best life?  

If you ask me, most definitely so.  Living your best life begins when you have a deeper self-awareness of what sparks joy for you, what makes you tick, what makes you feel fulfilled as person, and also very important that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. And if you want to improve your life and those around you, you must take action to discover who you really are.

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Why It Matters

It matters because your answers to those questions will guide you in aligning your career and your goals with your natural talents, to say yes to things that makes you happy and to learn to say no to things that don’t matter to you.  When you live a life that is aligned to your personal core  values, you’ll find yourself in a much more positive and productive environment. 

How many people are depressed because they are stuck in a career they don’t like? 

How many people feel like they don’t measure up because they are not good at something?

How many people are unhappy with their current situations?

Self-discovery is so important but few people never really take it seriously. Take it from me who struggled during my early years due to  lack of self-awareness.

My Story

During my teenage years I was confused why I couldn’t relate to people my age. I didn’t enjoy the usual things young people do (partying, drinking, hanging out on the weekends, socialising, etc..).  What I enjoy then and now is to read, to learn, to discover new skills, to travel, to be in solitude because that’s how I recharge, to have meaningful conversations and not  gossip and talk behind other people’s back. 

 As such,  I was made to believe that I was weird, aloof, or antisocial ~ and when I was moving up in the life ladder at a rate faster than my peers, it didn’t really help  because then they found me unrelatable. Their jealousy and envy was becoming unhealthy that it was best to distance myself. 

Had  I known then about the significance of self-discovery, I wouldn’t have been so affected because I would know to develop friendships with people who share the same core personal values like mine.  And now I realised that having an INTJ -T personality means I have one of the rarest personality types. INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population, so it is often a challenge for us to find like-minded individuals.

Additionally, had  I known then about the importance of knowing who I really am, I wouldn’t have gone on a reroute to a career path that didn’t really give me genuine happiness, fulfillment and real purpose.

I realised later down the track that I am wired to create, and I find purpose in working not just for the sake  of doing work but to do my life’s work. My previous career was also all about teamwork. And being an INTJ – T, I was doomed to fail because I do my best when I work alone. 

See the importance of knowing yourself? You learn to be more of who you are and you start to focus  on what naturally makes you unique and powerful. You can never be the best at being someone else, but you certainly can be the best  of who you already are. 

Ways to Know Yourself

The one big problem that most people say is that they don’t know who they are, what they want  and they can’t describe their own strengths and weaknesses. 

The other problem is some people think they know what they’re good at, but they really don’t. 

So how do you really get to know yourself in a deeper way?

1.Start a journal

Write everyday, write about your life, about what you want, what frustrates you and excites you. The best way it to write it on a physical paper or notebook and just let your thoughts flow.

There’s a deeper connection when you write down your thoughts with your hand.It doesn’t even need to be perfect and neat. It can be a bullet form style or it can be a written conversation to yourself.

When you start a journal, you have a written record of your thoughts, so you can reflect on them more easily than relying on your memory alone.

2. Travel the world

There’s no better to discover yourself deeper than when you go on a journey far from home. When you travel, you get out of your comfort zone and you will learn what your physical and mental limitations are.

You also gain so much  ideas and inspirations from the places you visit and the cultures you experience.  Travelling makes you see that the world is indeed a beautiful place to live.

I have visited 22 countries as of this writing and I travel 2-3 times a year.  I tell you that every journey is enriching my life in different ways and making me more self-aware. 

3. Try new things

It could be a new skill or  a hobby for self-improvement. Maybe you’d always wanted to learn cooking, knitting, photography, painting, sculpting, or perhaps writing? When you challenge yourself to try new things, you’ll discover your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses. 

As C.S Lewis said, “You never know what you can do until you try, and very few try unless they have to.” 

4. Take reputable personality assessments like Gallup and MyerBriggs

These two renowned organisations are led by a team of scientists who have done thousands of research projects on personality assessments, and both have created personality tests that will give you a deeper insight of who you really are. 

Disclaimer: I have taken both assessments and have used the results in all areas of my life successfully. I highly recommend both Gallup and MyerBriggs but I am not affiliated to these organisations nor paid to include this review in this post. These are all my honest opinions and real personal experiences.

5. Read Books on Personal Development

A lot of authors have written books on self-discovery.  Reading books on personal development open up your mind to different ideas and viewpoints. It reconstructs your mindset to be more positive and have an optimistic perspective.


Our best life is only realised when we know our natural talents, passions and the things we truly love to do.  But all too often, we don’t take it seriously.  Don’t be like the rest who don’t take action! 

Your best life starts now… 

And I am here to help you with it.  DOWNLOAD THIS FREE E-BOOKLET as roadmap to finding out your true unique self.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE BY KNOWING WHO YOU REALLY ARE |finding your passion | tools for productivity |how to create a life you love | creativity tools | productivity |  empowered women | personal productivity | productivity inspiration | personal development | self improvement  personal development growth | growth mindset

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