Life Lessons That May Just Change Your Outlook In Life

I follow a lot of motivational accounts on Instagram but there’s only a few posts (life lessons ) that really speak to me deeply. I have this collection of IG posts that I have saved on my account and visit  time and again just to keep myself grounded, to keep me going when self-doubt creeps in, and to just accept the person that I am but still strive to be the best version of myself. And it has really change my perspective in life. And I thought why not share and make a post about it to benefit more people… 

life lessons that may just change your outlook in life

So I’m sharing with you random IG  posts that I believe will keep you inspired, motivated and empowered to go for your dreams. 

Be a loner 

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Not all people thrive on being alone, but even if you’re the most extreme of extroverts you will still absolutely benefit when you give time for solitude. Being alone gives you clarity, a time to think and create new ideas. Did you know most creative geniuses thought of their most inventive ideas when they were alone? 

A Shark in a fish tank

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I love this. I had to google and verify facts if sharks ( or let’s say fishes) can really outgrow their tank.  While they have the possibility to outgrow an aquarium, their growth and lifespan will be limited due to the production of nitrates, their diet, water quality and chemistry. Using this analogy, we can say our personal growth will also be limited when we’re around small-minded people. So be mindful of the company that you keep. 

The loudest one in the room

I have experienced being around people who are so loud their voices really overpower everyone else’s in the room. But here’s what I’ve learned, the ones who talk less have the most brainpower. People with less knowledge love talking too much to cover their ignorance and the depth of their knowledge. It’s true, empty vessels make the most noise. 

Delete, unfollow, unfriend

The reason why I don’t keep a personal facebook account, why I keep only a few (but really genuine) friends, and why I stay away from people who love drama and trouble. I value my peace so much more than what anyone else thinks of me. 

The truth about the toxic person

A.K.A the narcissist. Sadly, this is the only way they feel good about themselves. Their poison is too great that hurting other people is their norm. When you understand how their mind works, you can shield yourself and react effectively from their evil ploys. Rise above them and always choose to be the better person. There’s the thing about karma ~ what you give to the world will come back to you a thousand fold.

The world will magnify your one mistake but forgets the many things you did right.

This resonates to all of us. You will do a lot of good things, great achievements and many  amazing work in  your life time but only very very few people will congratulate you.  Make one mistake and people will instantly mock you, criticise you and take so much notice of the one wrong thing you’ve done. But don’t get discouraged. Just keep doing your best, rise above all the criticism,  and always live a strong life. Not for anyone’s sake, but for you, your children and the people you love. 

lost in this society

This makes me sad. People are so focused on appearing “perfect on social media” they forget to live their lives. I wrote this on my personal IG but this is worth sharing here too. 

Since when did ‘likes’ become the tool to measure our worth? Are we a culture trapped into a vicious cycle of trying & pretending, to the point of sacrificing our authentic self just to get those ❤️ on our posts? I hope we all realise this kind of hustle for worthiness is totally unworthy of our time. It’s momentary confidence at best and sustains deep insecurities at worst. Remember who you are before social media became mainstream and remember that you are enough, whether likes are aplenty or non-existent. Do things because it makes you genuinely happy on the inside, and not for the sake of the ‘gram’ nor to validate your worth nor to prove to anyone that you made it.”

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If God is making you wait

Patience is never easy but the rewards after that is immense.  We live in a new world where instant gratification is always the route we want to take. We just want everything to happen now. We don’t want to wait. But we’re missing the point why God chooses to make us wait. He wants us to grow and learn from our experiences that will make us stronger. Our greatest learnings happen during the most difficult times. Just be patient. 

Avoid posting personal problems 

While I believe social media is not the place to air your negativity, I believe in being authentic and not faking it. Some people post their problems on social media to seek attention, play the victim card and create further drama. Most people who follow you on social media will not offer solutions to your problems, they are there  just  to gossip. However, I do believe that posting your negative experiences as a tool to educate people, to encourage, to give hope ~ that should be the kind of things that need to be seen and shared. 

When no one believes in you 

There will always be your mom cheering for you, supporting you, encouraging you. That to me is more than enough to keep me going. Thank you Mom!

Sometimes the people you care about won’t care about you

This is true. The people you expect to support you simply won’t support you. That’s why I put so much value in the power of self-love. That way even on days when you feel like it’s you against the world, you can say “It’s okay if you don’t believe in me. I believe in me”.

Your competition isn’t other people

Don’t compare nor compete with anyone but you because you will just feel deflated. What could be just your beginning can be someone else’s middle. It’s unhealthy to keep comparing. What you should aim to do is use your self as a tool to measure your growth. 

Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your present reality

Dream big ~ what you think and believe, you become. Match it  with steadfast focus and unwavering discipline and you’ll definitely get there. It’s all about what you believe and put in action that will make it your reality. 

The standards you set determine the life you get

Set it. Live it. Become it. ~ I just love this.  There’s really no limit to what you can achieve if you’re determined to get it. 

Jim Carrey’s advice

There’s a high chance you can fail at what you don’t want, so might as well take a chance to do the thing you really love. 

Snoop Dogg’s speech

This speech made me a laugh but Snoop Dogg is damn right. Thank yourself for putting in the hard work, for never quitting, for believing in yourself and for trying to do more right than wrong. And don’t forget to reward yourself too.

in failing

This one’s really good.  Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your business!  Everything you’ve ever been through is a set-up for the next big season. Amen to that! 

Sometimes the smallest thing can make someone’s whole day

One little gesture may not mean anything for you, but it could impact someone else’s whole day. Small kindness really goes a long way.  This one really touched my heart. 

Herman Munster’s wisdom

  “It doesn’t matter what you look like. What matter most is the size of your heart and the strength of your character.” ~ to me this is really impactful. We mostly judge based on beauty but rarely do we take the time to look at what’s inside of a person. 

Final thoughts: 

Honestly, there are days when I question things, I doubt, I procrastinate, and sometimes I forget to show kindness when I’m tired, but I always go back to these posts to remind me of my WHAT & WHY.  I’m not perfect and I’m not holier than thou, I’m just sharing what I believe and it’s my hope you get a nugget or two from these posts. And if you did, please share them to those who you think will benefit from them too. 

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