How Can You Tell You’ve Found Your Purpose in Life

How can you tell for sure that you’ve found your life’s purpose? That was a question that lingered on my mind for quite some time. 

For the longest time, I was chasing the wrong things that I thought was my purpose in life.  Wealth, social status, material possessions, applause, etc. But it always felt empty, selfish, and draining. It took me a long time of soul-searching to reach the certain kind of fulfillment I have now. 

My passion to empower women through my art and writing didn’t happen overnight. And it wasn’t even planned. But everything just sort of fell into place. It felt like God was aligning my direction, handing me the talent and gifts as I go and moulding me each step of the way to reach where I am now. 

A little back story : I got into art after I finished my master’s degree in 2014. In between finding a job related to my studies and having more free time on my hands, I got into illustrations as a hobby. I’ve always had a very creative imagination, but art wasn’t something inherent to me. It was only 5 years ago when I started taking interest in the wonderful world of art. 

I just loved the process of creating illustrations and before I knew it, I started accepting custom orders. But it still wasn’t enough. My life’s work can’t just be about creating art. There has to be some meaning or purpose in what I do. 

Until one day, I started doing illustrations along with motivational & inspirational words that I wrote myself. The positive comments I received were so uplifting & encouraging. After hearing how my art touched the lives of women who’ve seen it,  I knew then I’ve found my life’s purpose. 

But how did I know for sure that “writing & creating art to motivate women to craft the life they love” was really my purpose in life?

how can you tell you found your purpose

How does one know she’s found her ultimate purpose in life?

1.When it’s not costing you your inner peace 

Any kind of work will make you physically tired, but a life purpose-driven kind of  work will never make you psychologically drained. When you feel exhausted just by the thought of it, that’s a sign you’re about to lose your inner peace. 

Your life’s purpose is something that fires you up, not make you feel anxious, stressed, less enthusiastic and makes you go against everything you stand for. 

Your purpose in life will not make you  lose yourself as a result of losing your inner peace. 

2. When it’s giving you genuine fulfilment

Genuine fulfilment comes after you find your most authentic self and embracing it with all of you. When you are true to who you are, what you want, what makes you happy, when you’re doing your passion, using your talents and creating something that is in alignment with your core values, you have found your greatest purpose in life. 

3. When it’s no longer just about you

We all have our selfish desires, that’s human nature. But our life’s greatest work and purpose is not about what we can do and achieve for ourselves, it’s what we can do not only for us but also for others. 

I’ve talked about genuine fulfilment in my previous post & how you can find it when you embrace your most genuine you. But your greatest fulfilment in life is when you can use your talents, your skills and your most authentic self to be a blessing to other people, to make an impact in the lives of others, and to make a difference by being selfless in your pursuits. I believe that’s a very meaningful way to live. 

4. When it feels right

When you’re being true to you, you’ll know when it feels right because it doesn’t feel forced. 

For me I know it felt right because I didn’t even plan for any of it, yet everything fell into place without me orchestrating for it to happen. It was God who made it all possible for me. 

It might be different for you. You’ll know it feels right when you just know it without needing any affirmation nor confirmation from anyone, when you take action without hesitation, when you light up when the topic is brought up, when you feel excited thinking about it, and when you’re laser focused despite the distractions.

5. When you love what you do

All our goals and dreams in life lead to only one end result: to be happy. But it’s difficult to attain genuine happiness when you hate what you do. 

My purpose in life is to encourage you to craft a life you absolutely love so you can achieve the level of happiness you desire. Because the only way to do great work is to be in love with your life and with what you do. Everything else will follow. 

Final thoughts:

When you think you know what you really want to do, just ask yourself if it’s not costing you your inner peace, if it’s giving you genuine fulfilment, and if what you do isn’t just for selfish reasons. When it feels right and when you really love what you do and it makes you truly happy,  congratulations! You just found your real purpose in life. 

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