About the Artist

I am “Kriz Eliz” and I am an illustrator & sculptor. I started this website to introduce my ART to my real audience.

My story is quite different from the usual stories of most artists. I didn’t start drawing or sculpting when I was a child. I was very focused in my academic studies that I didn’t really pay much attention to art until after grad school. Although I have always been creative in other ways, it was only just after finishing my MA degree in 2014 that I had more time to explore my creativity. When I finished my HDR in 2017, it gave me more time to focus & niche down my creative passion.

My degrees are all related to Political Science & Business. I have no formal education in fine arts and I am mostly self-taught.

I believe that to be successful as a creative, you don’t really need a degree. Your  burning passion, talent and how you nurture your skill are what really matters. And of course, these, all of it, wouldn’t be possible it it weren’t for the support of my beloved mother and best friend.

I now breathe and live art. My passion is capturing the beauty of the feminine face through my work. Very feminine, very chic, somehow whimsical ~ this is my artist vibe and somehow it shows in my work.

My art had gone through several phases and I have always wanted my art to be a ‘meaningful contribution’ to the world. And what better way to do it than to focus on inspiring, motivating and empowering WOMEN.

My desk inside my studio

If you have any questions or feedback, please drop me a message! I reply to each and every one of them.

With love,