5 Benefits of having Paper Planners *FREEBIE INSIDE*

Benefits of Using Paper Planners

In this day and age, people use mobile phones, iPads/tablets and computer to manage their schedules ( or for absolutely everything really! ). Why would someone find any benefits of using paper planners when you have the cloud to sync all your schedules across all your devices? It’s the easiest thing to do, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but the clinical look of a phone calendar and the other things on my phone competing for my attention makes me feel like procrastinating.

My First Planner

I discovered that paper planners are still very much a trend, most especially to women.


Benefits of Using Paper Planners

Benefits of Using Paper Planners

Ever since then, I have kept this planner to manage my personal schedules, appointments,  commissions, etc.

Here are 5 reasons, based on my experience, why you should have try paper planning too!

1. A physical planner is easier to use.

It’s so much easier to open your planner than booting a computer and opening up calendar, or opening your phone app and then it suddenly decides to freeze midway through planning, or an alert came through that interrupted your train of thought. The compulsory software updates also made my phone take more than three seconds to respond to tasks, which is such a time-waster. It’s just way easier to doodle on a paper planner!

I’m not saying I don’t use my phone for planning, I do, but it’s only when I am on it and suddenly came up with a task or idea. But this always gets transferred to my planner right after.

2. It’s physical, it cannot be deleted or lost. I remember when I lost a very important file on my mobile app which contained some important planning reminders after a system update.

I didn’t really use cloud back-ups because of hacking issues. The exact same thing happened to my mum and to two other people I know. With a planner, you are sure your entries will never get deleted because of one single update.

3. It evokes creativity. I did not know then that you could beautify your planner with stickers, washi tapes or even your own drawings. This is how I actually started with my art. I wanted so much to make my planner pretty  like the pins I saw on Pinterest. I watched and read a lot of tutorials on how to improve my drawing skills. And the rest was history.

I literally had zero talent in sketching, drawing or illustrating before I started on paper planners. I always thought this creative talent is inherent, but it can be acquired. It can be learned!

I also know a lot people who practice hand calligraphy and stamp colouring to prettify their planners. See, there are loads of ways you can express your creativity with a planner.

4. It makes your mundane to do list exciting and fun. There’s actually a group of organized people on social media turning their planners into a hobby and dedicating a specific account just for it. Their feeds are full of fun doodles, awesome hand calligraphies, cute stickers and custom inserts. Why not if it makes your dreadful tasks a whole lot colorful and fun!

5. It’s traditional. In a digital age where everything is done on a digital device, it’s nice to do something traditional that will keep you away from your mobile screen (or computer)  for a short while. It’s refreshing to not always have your mind buried on a tech device.

These are my opinions based on my experience. If you feel that a smart phone calendar is more efficient and time-saving, go for it. But if you’re all for creativity, try a paper planner!

Free Weekly Planner Insert

Here’s also another theme I designed, for the flower lovers out there like myself.


Weekly Planner Planner Freebie by Kriz Eliz

You can get these freebies as  high resolution A4 and A5 downloadable digital files below


Happy Planning!

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